Howls & Whispers: The Averse Sephiroth and the Spheres of the Qlippoth.

An analysis of Ted Hughes’ use of Cabbala in Howls & Whispers.

© Ann Skea


Howls & Whispers 1:

‘Paris 1954’: Malkuth.
‘Religion’: Yesod.

Howls & Whispers 2:

‘The Hidden Orestes’: Hod.
‘The Laburnum’: Netzach.
‘The Difference’: Tiphereth.

Howls & Whispers 3:

‘The Minotaur 2’: Gevurah.
‘Howls and Whispers’:Chesed.

Howls & Whispers 4:

‘The City’: Daath.

Howls & Whispers 5:

‘Moon-Dust’: Binah.
‘The Offers’: Chokmah.
‘Superstitions’: Kether.

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