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The Ted Hughes Homepage
Since the 1980s, the work of the late Poet Laureate, Ted Hughes, has been my passion and my scholarly research area. This page contains a wealth of information about Hughes’ work, a Timeline, poetry analysis, papers and memoirs, all intended to be a resource for those who enjoy Hughes’ work or who are studying it. ( Updated: May 2023)

Sylvia Plath, Ariel and the Tarot . It has been claimed that Sylvia Plath used the Tarot extensively, especially in her original ordering of the poems. These chapters set out to examine each of the Ariel poems in order to determine whether or not this claim has any substance.(July 2021)

Reviews . This page contains links to some of my reviews. I review books, DVDs and other material by or about Ted Hughes, Literary Fiction and Biography. My reviews are published in magazines and at various sites on the Internet. ( Updated: May 2023)

Literary Links . Links to other Ted Hughes sites, as well as to sites devoted to poetry and literature

Personal : Poetry, as Aristotle said, is of higher value than history. So, this personal history is brief.


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