“Who is Lord Savile in ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ (THCP 761)?”.

The Savile Estates, at the time that Ted wrote Remains of Elmet, were within walking distance of Mytholmroyd where Ted lived as a child. They were used for grouse shooting, but the public were allowed to walk there outside the shooting season. ‘Grouse Butts’ (THCP 471) in Remains Of Elmet has a photograph of the grouse-butts (taken by Fay Godwin) on Heptonstall Moor. If you have a map of the area, the Savile Estates are in the Slack/ Blake Dean / Gorple Reservoir area. I do not know the extent of them or whether Lord Savil currently owns them.

See also the notes about ‘Two’ and ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ under Moortown, Remains of Elmet and Elmet.

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