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2. The full story of Caire’s cursing is told by Matthews (1991, 140-1).

3. This was said by Hughes in a tape recording made for The Critical Forum Series (1978).

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11. From Hughes’ 1964 Listener review of Mircea Eliade’s Shamanism (Eliade 1964), now reprinted inWinter Pollen (Hughes 1994, 58).

12. The Arvon Foundation was the invention of John Fairfax and John Moat who approached Hughes for support. Some fourteen apprentice writers live and work for a week with two well-known, published authors, gaining help and inspiration from such interaction. Its courses take place at Lumb bank, a mill-owner’s house in Hebden bridge, Yorkshire and at Totleigh Barnes, a cottage in Devon.

13. Taliesin’s poem ‘The Rebuke of the Bards’. (Matthews 1991, 290).

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