1. The Bible, The New Testament, Revelation 13:18.

2. Ibid. Revelation 14:1.

3. There are many well-known paintings of Dionusus / Bacchus accompanied by his panthers, e.g. Titian’s, ‘Bacchus and Ariadne’, at the National Gallery in London; and Annibale Caracci’s, ‘The Triumph of Bacchus’, in which the creatures resemble Blake’s Tiger. Both these paintings can be found in the Web Gallery of Art

4. Sylvia visited Sassoon in Paris in December 1955, but in March 1956 when she went to Europe again intending to see him, she was unable to find him.

5. ‘Child’s Park Stones’ (SPCP 100-101).

6. The red crest of a Pileated Woodpecker may well have linked it, in Ted’s mind, with the Hoopoe of the Sufi fable, The Conference of the Birds. This was a fable which he knew well. In it, the Hoopoe leads the birds to enlightenment.

7. A nucleon is a constituent of the atomic nucleus, i.e. a proton or a neutron.

8. “My own days”, in the Flowers and Insects poem.

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