Sylvia Plath's Ariel and the Tarot

An analysis of Sylvia Plath’s use of the Major Arcana of Tarot in Ariel: The Restored Edition. (updated: 20 March 2013)

Ariel 1:
‘Morning Song’
‘The Couriers’
‘The Rabbit Catcher’

Ariel 2:
‘The Applicant’
‘Barren Woman’
‘Lady Lazarus’
Ariel 3:
‘A Secret’
‘The Jailer’
Ariel 4:
‘The Night Dances’
‘The Detective’
Ariel 5:
‘Death & Co.’
Ariel 6:
‘The Other’
‘Stopped Dead’
‘Poppies in October’
‘The Courage of Shutting Up’

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